dental insurance no waiting period between okay and then we will take the object which I will show you here this is a brand new tool and need dental community it’s called the extractor .

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period

I’m just going to hook it around your tooth push it in as needed and wiggle it out okay and then judging by your gums will see if it is needed for your gums to be so to do your cheek yes you are so out of it right now .

That you’re probably not listening but it’s nice to have somebody to talk to mm-hmm but anyway once we removed that dude I will be writing you a prescription for vicodin and it .

Will only be three milligrams so and you will only get five so make sure you take three the first day every six hours as needed and do the next day every four hours as needed and I’ll explain .

That a little bit got my prescription after the tooth is extracted we will add cotton balls and again if you need so ink we will sew you up and I have this water back here .

I will be using throughout the procedure which we are actually gonna start here in a few moments so I’m just going to before we start take my mirror and my life and just make sure .

I know exactly what I’m doing here and I’m probably going to start picking away the gums let me just light I don’t really even need that light right now

I need to pull away hmm okay this one is gonna be a rough one but again you are in safe hands these hands that bowled many deeply and I’ve been in .

The business for years so I promise you my Google and Yelp reviews are four stars at least okay so I just want to make sure you’re ready okay I know you’re sedated but I am letting you know that I am