May apply the rubber dam a dental assistant needs to be familiar with the tooth pain and tooth pain used in the dental pain office he or she should be knowledgeable in the various dental procedures and be aware of their responsibilities .

tooth pain
tooth pain

At the end of a procedure the patient is escorted to the reception area the assistant returns to the treatment room cleans the treatment room sterilizes the instruments and sets the room up in preparation of the next patient.

While many dental assistants experience a similar workday there may be differences depending on the dental practice and staff a dental assistant needs to be familiar with procedures and protocol in her or his particular dental office and perform accordingly some dental practices begin the day with a morning meeting this is .

A time when members of the dental team meet and review the patient charts for that day there is discussion on procedures to be done any special equipment that will be needed and which operators are to be used if a chart notes personality traits or special needs of a particular patient.

That too is reviewed the number of patients to treat is discussed as well as the overall schedule different dental practices may have different methods of preparing for the day they may call their morning get-together a morning huddle or the days run down some offices.

May simply have a printout of patients to be seen whichever terminology or methods are used a review of what lies ahead that day provides valuable insight for a smooth work day always remember the patient’s chart or daily schedule should not be located in an area where other patients can see them to begin the dental assistant should wash their hands.