I justĀ Full Coverage Dental Insurance had an employee review someone started with me January first and many things were going right and several things weren’t and so when we sat down you know it was really talking about it in terms of does this line up.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance
Full Coverage Dental Insurance

With where you’re headed because this is what the job requires so and so it was just a different conversation because it’s not about her being wrong or doing things wrong it’s about the the job and it’s are we able to get alignment .

With the job with her talent with her wishes with her vision can we create a better alignment there or not and if not then what would that look like would it be part-time some in some other way with my business would it be that we call it today and say it’s not a good fit .

We just weren’t able to have this more open discussion because there’s no there’s no discussion about who’s right or wrong or good or bad or any of that so it’s a much different way of communicating so you see now it’s a really great example how because.

I’m standing on this platform this emotionally strong platform of freedom and of thinking this way I’m able to step into that conversation differently I’m not afraid of her quitting .

I’m not afraid of us deciding that it’s not a good fit or deciding to change the job in some way I’m not afraid of any of those and I’m open to all of those because what I’m after is alignment and I know that it exists for me because I have it in other other places .

I have it in other employees and have had it in the past and so and so I’m not afraid of it and that’s where I had to get myself there before I sat down with her and before that communication commenced because I knew I would speak differently as .

A leader the leader she needed from that platform so it really is the work is about that first and then we create so if an owner is we’re going to put an owner up in front of their team to communicate conversationally this new vision and this new way of leadership.