Dental insurance plans no waiting Period

  • Non-emergency medical services, particularly those of a chiropractor or massage therapist;
  • Single or twin bed hospital rooms;
  • Some medical examinations, tests and vaccines;

Dental care.

  • automatic, with no initial cost to pay. See the press release for more information oeuvre in another page. See your coverage, examine your  dental insurance situation and determine if what you currently have is enough.

What level of insurance coverage complementary medical care and dental care do you need?

  • There is a wide range of complementary medical and dental insurance plans, each offering its level of coverage, but it is up to you to decide how much additional insurance you need.
  • Only you can determine the amount that suits you; however, an agent or insurance company can help you make those decisions.
  • Visit the Find an Agent or Insurance Company section in Consult an agent or insurance company to find someone to help you.
  • How much can you pay per month? Per year?

Do you have a parent or spouse or partner?

  • Do you need would you prefer a room to a bed?
  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  • Do you receive medical services from professionals, including chiropractors or massage therapists?
  • Can you pay for ambulance transportation from your pocket?
  • More comprehensive medical services than those offered by OHIP?
  • Do you have a pre-existing type of health condition? Be sure to review the offers to find an insurer that would agree to do so.

Where to buy mutual medical and dental insurance?

  • It is important to note that the mutual dental insurance is offered separately from the joint medical care insurance, but it is often possible to subscribe them together.
  • You can purchase additional health insurance from the following intermediaries:

Is dental insurance for you?

  • Dental insurance could be the best solution for you if:
  • Electronic submission of applications.

For who ?

  • Ask yourself if you want to insure your partner and your children at the same time.
  • Naturally, you will benefit from a more interesting price if you insure the maximum of people in your family.